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Welcome to the ANSYS Student Community! This is a public forum for the benefit of authorized ANSYS Academic product users, allowing the sharing of ideas, and for open discussion on topics that are of interest to the ANSYS academic user base.

Note that whilst ANSYS employees may occasionally participate in the ANSYS Student Community discussions, their contributions to a specific topic or technical question may not be as comprehensive as a response provided to paying ANSYS customers who are provided support through different processes.

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Recent news on academia, forum updates etc.

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Most recent: Update your profile and start earning badges! Latest 3 weeks ago by pgl

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Discuss installation, configuration and use of the free ANSYS Student Products

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Most recent: Ansys beta documentation Latest 3 days ago by louai

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All questions related to Geometry, CAD, meshing, & result visualisation

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System.Data.Entity.DynamicProxies.Category_60405CDE4C349BFE4154B30D8200A8604B9297746E1F0B11F1D3DB2298A09CB5 Physics Simulation

Discuss questions related to Structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics and multiphysics

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Most recent: Boundary condition error Latest 2 hours ago by kaniz

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Find, share & contribute freely available online support materials, textbooks, articles, useful links etc.

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Only questions related to sponsorships, application process & offered licenses under sponsorships

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Anything relating to the installation and licensing of our academic Teaching and Research products.

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Most recent: Licensing on Virtual Box Latest 6 hours ago by taejin.kim99