Combustion gases absorption coefficient calculation

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Naiara posted this 14 January 2018

Hello everybody!

I am interested in calculating furnace combustion gases temperature. To get this goal, I need to calculate combustion gases absorption coefficient. WSGG is a standard model, so that i would like to know which is the best available model now in ANSYS-Fluent to calculate absorption coefficient.

Thank you in advance!

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vganore posted this 15 January 2018

I am not an expert in combustion analysis but see if this paper helps you in understanding how Fluent calculates absorption coefficient.

Vishal Ganore,

Naiara posted this 5 weeks ago

Thank you very much. After having a look to proposed article, it uses PMAC to predict gases absorption coefficient, but PMAC was programmed in C language and then implemented into  ANSYS FLUENT code. 

ANSYS FLUENT code has any other model already implemnted appart from WSGG?

Thank you!