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I am doing electromagnetic-structural coupling simulation. The electromagnetic part in Maxwell 3D is done without any problem. But for structural analysis in Ansys workbench getting convergence error. Can I have a suggestion to fix this error in Ansys 18.2?

Please find the attached outfile of solution information.

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pgl posted this 5 days ago

Is the structural analysis nonlinear, transient etc? If you could share some screenshots and an outline of the structural simulation that would be easier for the community to help diagnose compared to an *.out.

Note that there can be many reasons for non-convergence,  the online doc. provide a lot of guidance...Here's the section on nonlinear controls as starting point. 

Plus here's a convergence troubleshooting guide available in the online doc. posted this 4 days ago

 Sir, in my above query I have attached outfile of the solution information. From there you can get the overview of the existing problem.