Divergence of results using CFX

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yangyee posted this 2 weeks ago

When I use CFX to simulate the flow field of a compressor cascade. Sometimes I may encounter a problem: In the OUT-file, there is a notation "The maximum Mach number is very large(such as 3000, etc.)". Can someone tell me the reason? Thank you!!!

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Raef.Kobeissi posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello yangyee,

It could be a multitude of issues. Could you attach the geometry or mesh to check . We need more info about the simulation to help you more.


Raef Kobeissi

Min Zhang posted this 6 days ago

May be you can try to modify the TimeScale value (In "Solver-Control" option).

In addition, since the flow endures strong adverse pressure gradient in the compressor cascade, you can perform a simulation by specifying a small outlet pressure and use it as the initial value for your actual case.

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  • yangyee
yangyee posted this 6 days ago

Thanks for your suggestion! Min Zhang