Hi everyone,

I want to get the time averaged (say ~15s average) of the variables like velocity profiles, temperature, mass flow at a cross-section of the geometry.

In my (transient case) simulations, the real flow time is 10 seconds. I enabled data sampling for time statistics in fluent from 0 seconds. So, I am getting time averaged values of lets say velocity magnitude from 0 to 10 s. But I want time-averaged values from 5 to 10 seconds. I saved case and data files every 100 time steps. 

I need to find the "average solution" for the past "n" timesteps from the data files that have already been saved.
Is there any method to get those time-averaged values between specific intervals of time?

Let me explain a bit more. The user has iterated the case till time step no. 20000, saving files after every 100 time steps. Now the user wants to see the average solution for time steps 500 to 1200. Is there a way to load the appropriate data files (for these intervals of time), call a UDF to find the averages of variables?
Thank you in advance.