2-way FSI System coupling

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abhi81293 posted this 17 March 2018

I am trying to solve a 2-way FSI problem (Transient structural + Fluent) of a beam immersed in liquid. Although I have got the coupling module to run the analysis successfully once, all my subsequent analyses are throwing an error. I am using an academic version but separate licenses(set accordingly in license preferences). Can anyone help me with this please? Also can it be pointed out whether its an issue with the problem setup or an inherent communication problem in the system coupling module? I've attached the pictures of the error for reference. 

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Raef.Kobeissi posted this 17 March 2018


it looks like you have a failure in the structural mechanics solutions. You might need to re-check your setup. Maybe you can talk us through how you set the problem and then we might be able to help better.


Best Regards

Raef Kobeissi

abhi81293 posted this 18 March 2018

Hello Raef,
I figured out the issue. The anti-malware software on my system was blocking communication between modules in workbench. After turning it off, it started working fine again (I know it was a stupid move from my part, had to check it earlier). But thank you for your response. 
I have been following your videos on your Youtube channel. Great stuff, very informative.
So, the project I'm working on is simulating a 2-way FSI of a cantilever biosensor beam(500um X 20um X 1um) immersed in fluids of different viscosities. I am trying to understand the behavior of resonance frequencies and frequency response with respect to different fluid properties. The model is very similar to the one in your channel of FSI analysis of a plate immersed in liquid. I'm using transient structural  and Fluent modules to do this. 
1) I was wondering how I could get resonance frequencies of the beam immersed in different fluids. Can modal analysis be coupled with Fluent to do this? Or Harmonic response maybe? I understand both of these analyse steady state behavior and not transient, I'm a little confused as to how to extract resonance frequencies for immersed bodies. Or do I have to generate a displacement history data and then postprocess it? 
2) I am unable to get the deformed shape of the beam for different timesteps in Fluent postprocessing.(Velocity and pressure contours are fine, its just that I can only see the undeformed body) Any suggestion on this?

Raef.Kobeissi posted this 04 June 2018

Ok thanks for sharing back

Raef Kobeissi