2D Crack Growth

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Afrah posted this 16 November 2018

Hi everyone,

I have attached some pictures of my model. Basically, I have a square specimen (dimensions 2000x2000 micrometer) with a hole (d = 120 micro) in the center. There is a crack (a=10 micro) located on the right of the hole. The material is glass ceramic, E = 91 GPA. 

My goal is find the stress required to propagate the crack. Right now, however, the crack won't grow. I am using VCCT and my fracture criterion is the critical energy release rate (I have attached a picture). What am I doing wrong? 



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SandeepMedikonda posted this 17 November 2018


That mesh is way too Coarse. Also please explain with a picture as to how you are loading this geometry?

Here is a tutorial on VCCT from the help and here is another, which deals with a geometry similar to the one you are dealing with.

P.S: Moved your question to the Structural Mechanics Category where it might get more traction.


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ammorey posted this 17 November 2018

you are looking for the stress required for the crack to grow ? have you checked another method ? j- integral as example ?


Afrah posted this 20 November 2018

Thank you for your response, I will refine the mesh and try again. 


Here are my loading conditions:


Afrah posted this 20 November 2018

Thank you for your response. 

Correct: I am looking for the stress for the crack to grow, but the results aren't the problem, the crack doesn't even to begin the propagate. 

ammorey posted this 20 November 2018

may be the load you have applied is quite less, have increased the load to check ? 

Afrah posted this 21 November 2018

Yeah, Ive increased the load to 1 GPa and the crack still doesnt grow.  I could increase it more, but even at lower loads the energy release rate is much greater than GIC.