2D model meshing vs 3D model meshing

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designteam2 posted this 01 February 2019

We are trying to import a 2D model (essentially a midcut of a cylinder shape) into ansys fluent. When we try to generate a mesh of the imported model we get this message above. We changed the analysis type from 3D to 2D but it didn't allow us to mesh. 


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peteroznewman posted this 03 February 2019

Is it 2D axisymmetric (like a pipe) or another type of 2D?  If it is axisymmetric, create a surface body that has the axis of symmetry along the X-axis. The radial slice must be on the +Y side of the X-axis. If it is another type of 2D then you don't need to worry about aligning with an X-axis.

If you have a surface body on the XY plane, use SpaceClaim to open the SolidWorks file. You should see a Surface body in the Outline tree. Follow the directions in my first post.

Please reply with an inserted image of the geometry if it doesn't work and you need more help.

peteroznewman posted this 02 February 2019

Is there a surface on the XY plane?  If so, start over with a new Fluent block, RMB on Geometry and set the Analysis Type property to 2D before you start SpaceClaim or DesignModeler. Then open the geometry file, in SC or DM.  Close that then open Meshing.  Generate the mesh and name the Inlet and Outlet curves as named selections. Close Meshing.  Refresh the Project, Update Meshing cell. When you have a Green check mark on Geometry and Meshing, then start Fluent.