2D Stator-Rotor Interaction

  • Last Post 27 November 2018
Asim posted this 24 November 2018


      I am studying the profile losses of the rotor. I have created 2D stator and rotor and applied mixing plane between them. 

I am confused about axis of rotation while giving frame motion to 2D rotor. In real scenario, the blades are moving in z-axis. However, in my case I have only 2 axis. In which axis, should I apply axis of rotation.

Secondly, I am also thinking about that can I give transnational velocity instead of rotational velocity. Since, it is a 2D domain, each rotor blades pass through the stator with some transnational velocity. 

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kkanade posted this 26 November 2018

Check this 2d example

seeta gunti posted this 27 November 2018

Hi Asim,

I hope you got the right solution. Let us know if you have any further questions.