3D Meshing

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RajuMath posted this 5 weeks ago



How can I generate good meshing in 3 D geometry. My target is hexa mesh with uniform size.

My geometry is Lance with nozzle in a converter.




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kkanade posted this 5 weeks ago

check following lniks. 



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RajuMath posted this 4 weeks ago


How to do projected hexa meshing?


kkanade posted this 4 weeks ago

what is projected hexa meshing? can you please explain in details. 

did you look at following link.



RajuMath posted this 4 weeks ago


Suppose my geometry have divided to 5 blocks. If I mesh one block of my geometry then other blocks will be meshed automatically. Are there any option in ANSYS like this?

For making block in Geometry, Usually I use plane using point and normal and then slice the geometry by new generated plane. So whole body divided into 2 parts. I used this in 2D. Is this method suitable for 3D? Are there any other options to generate block for good meshing?



peteroznewman posted this 4 weeks ago

 Hi Raju,

Please insert some images of your geometry into your reply to show the 5 blocks. Theses are blocks of fluid, right? If you attach a Workbench project archive .wbpz file, I can take a look at the mesh you have currently (but Clear Generated Data on the mesh on your computer then save and I will Generate Mesh on my computer) and offer suggestions.

Regards, Peter