A problem related to writing an expression for htc in CFX?

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hamda posted this 20 May 2019

 My problem is that I want to write an expression for htc as follows:
htc= Wall Heat Flux/(Ts-Tf)
where Ts is solid temperature and Tf is fluid temperature and I already drew charts for solid and fluid temperatures along the axial direction. But when I use the above expression for htc, I get error. Is there anybody who knows how can I solve my problem? since Ts and Tf change along the axial direction and I couldn't use constant temperature.
Many thanks in advance


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abenhadj posted this 21 May 2019

Do you need that for post processing? If not then both sides are thermally coupled. You can some other interface models there.

Best regards, Amine

hamda posted this 21 May 2019

Dear Amine,

yes I need that for post processing.(in CFD post)

abenhadj posted this 21 May 2019

I assume the solid temperature belongs to another domain (solid). Create a line and then plot respectively the fluid temperature and solid temperature along that line. You need to use the option "All domains" when creating the line.

Best regards, Amine

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hamda posted this 25 May 2019

 Dear Amine,

Thank you for your response.

I already created  2 lines named fluid line and solid line to plot solid and fluid temperatures . But with ONE line how can I plot Ts and Tf? since in "variable" we can just select "temperature" or "total temperature" and there is no other option.


hamda posted this 25 May 2019

Also I want to show Nusselt number distribution on a selected sphere. How can I do that? I should insert a volume(sphere volume)? and  draw a contour of it?

abenhadj posted this 29 May 2019

Create a line crossing all domain. Actually the wall temperature will be common so you just require adjacent cell temperature in fluid domain.

Best regards, Amine