Acoustic harmonic analysis of ultrasonic wave in 2D

  • Last Post 15 March 2019
fartly posted this 06 March 2019


I'm trying to simulate waves produced in air from a disturbance by a solid structure in 2D as shown in picture below. I used surface sketch and add frozen to create the air domain and add material for the solid. Then, I set the geometry properties from 3D to 2D. The problem starts when I try to assign acoustic body to the air domain. I'm using ANSYS v19.1 and already had the acoustic extension installed, when analysing using Harmonic response, the option to add acoustic body is available initially but became unavailable after I change the properties of the geometry from 3D to 2D. When analysing using Harmonic Acoustic, I can't assign the acoustic region "acoustic" to my air domain.

Is it not possible to do acoustic harmonic analysis in 2D domain?

Also, I'm trying to generate an ultrasonic wave by applying surface velocity on the solid surface. To determine what velocity is needed to achieve desired frequency, I need to know the amplitude of oscillation caused by the surface velocity. Is it possible to set the amplitude of the oscillation manually? Also, I've read in other thread, that using the speed of sound as the surface velocity will cause a Mach 1 shock, that acoustic solver cannot solve. Is there any other way I can generate an ultrasonic wave without using the surface velocity?



HuiLiu posted this 15 March 2019

Hi Zul,

Currently in Mechanical, only 3D elements are supported for Acoustic. This is true for both native Acoustic module and ACT.