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Karthikeyan_Guru posted this 09 October 2018


I want to model a room with a noise source. The data of the noise source is available in the form of a .wav file. How should I define this noise source in ANSYS Workbench and find the response spectrum?

PS: I tried using the Response Spectrum module in workbench, there is no option to define the Acoustic (in terms of pressure) RS Excitation.

Thank You.

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peteroznewman posted this 10 October 2018

Hi Karthikeyan,

There is a big difference between a recording of a sound or noise saved in a .wav file and a recording made using a calibrated microphone and a data acquisition system that saves the sound pressure data in Pa, from which a loudness in dB(A) or Sones could be computed.

A .wav file takes data from a recording in Pa and converts it to a relative magnitude between +/- 1. When that happens, you lose the reference to the measured loudness.

What version of ANSYS are you using?  In 19.1 there is a Harmonic Acoustics which is what you should use.

Harmonic Response is for structures, not acoustics.


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Karthikeyan_Guru posted this 10 October 2018


Thank for your reply. I'm using ANSYS 19.1. I tried harmonic acoustics module to model a mass source that is frequency dependent (using tabular data) at a node of the room. The issue is, I'm not able to define the mass source using tabular data, but I'm able to define it only by constant magnitude mass source.

My intention is to find the response spectrum of the room at certain locations in the room for the given input signal. Can you please guide me in this.