ACP doesn´t work... HELP, PLEASE!!

  • Last Post 03 July 2018
marina.abreumgs posted this 26 June 2018


I am trying to use ACP, but it suddenly stopped working a couple of days ago.

I have tried everything - rebooting, reinstalling,  installing 3 different versions of WB, cleaning the computer, but nothing works. The other components works normally, though, the problem is only with ACP.

When I try to open, this is what appears:

Can anyone help me, please?

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nzehnder posted this 03 July 2018


what version of ANSYS are you using? Have you tried deleting %appdata%\ansys\V... ?

What do you mean by '...doesn't work'? Do you use it in WB or stand alone?

If you give some more information we will surely be able to help.