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srhydderch posted this 03 May 2019

Hello all

I am not sure if this is me being stupid. I am brand new to ANSYS and wanting to perform some basic static structural analysis for a basic shape in composite material using ACP. 

The dimensions for the rectangular sheet/panel are about 1800x1200x50mm and I want to use some of the epoxy e-glass type materials.

I cannot seem to get the geometry to work. I've tried STEP, Parasolid, STL all exported from CAD Inventor. I just cant seem to see how to shell a solid or use a solid for the analysis. 

I get the following message;

Update failed for the Setup component in ACP (Pre).  ACP Input Validation Failure. There is no data contained in the input mesh file

I'd be so appreciative if someone could help me on this...!!! Desperate to finish my undergrad final year project and got to crack this..!!

Am i missing a step with a 'shell' required somewhere? Or might it be best to model it is DM or SC? 

I'm using ANSYS Academic 19.2 (Workbench)








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jj77 posted this 03 May 2019

Have not used this much.


This tutorial shows you how to use it. View it and follow all the steps and you should be fine (most likely you have not meshed the part):

(Just define a rectangular sketch in DM with 1800 x 1200 dim., and then use Surface from Sketch to make it into a surface body - this can then be meshed, and finally apply the laminate properties)

srhydderch posted this 03 May 2019

Thanks for the reply - much appreciated

Will give it a go