Adding Maxwell Component to Simplorer

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Arne24 posted this 27 December 2018



i would like to add a subcircuit of an eddy-current model out of Maxwell in Simplorer. The Model in Maxwell is already solved with the eddy-current solver. I´ve added it into Simplorer and always when i simulate it i get the following messages and no results. The Modell is an Wireless Power Transfer Coil System.



Compiler completed successfully

Number of models: 17; Simulation is using Simplorer Entry solver license

Simulation was aborted by user on server: Local Machine.


hopefully somebody knows what the problem could be.


kind reegards


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mchristi posted this 31 January 2019

This Is a license error potentially caused by having too many objects in your Schematic.

Since "Simplorer Entry" is an old product which is no longer available, please upgrade to the latest version 2019R1 and re- try your model.

saumitrapalc posted this 19 August 2019

even i am trying with wireless power transfer can you tell me if we can measure power in maxwell 3d by the winding induced voltage and current?

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