My problem is about extracting probe data from a moving mesh zone. The geometry I have is of a gas turbine pre-swirl cavity where there is relative motion of receiver holes on rotor and the pre-swirl holes on the stator. The computational domain consists of stationary and rotating zones. I have defined mesh motion on the rotating frame  (rotational).

In Fluent, is it possible to add a probe in the rotating frame so that the probe travels with the rotating disc? I have tried this without any success in the past; the probes (points) I place seem to stay in the stationary frame. Maybe if there is a way to assign the probe to a specific node location, this could be possible.

My temporary workaround this problem involves exporting the solution data in each time step in tecplot format, and then read it using paraview. I have written a bash script which updates the probe location for each tecplot file and passes it to the pvpython script, which gives a .CSV file as an output. I then use another python script to combine all the .CSV files from all time-steps into one big .CSV file which contains all the time-steps.

A simpler approach will be greatly appreciated.

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