An error occurred while starting the solver module.

  • Last Post 07 June 2018
fuad87 posted this 23 February 2018

When I am using mechanical alone it is running perfectly, but whenever I am trying to run it with fluent for 2-way FSI using system coupling, it is giving this error (in the title) and asking me to check if my solver directory resided in UNC path. My solver is not in UNC path since it is working alone. Still I copied the project to (C:\ansysdata) so that everything in local drive. but its not working. Then I copied to my other PC and it is running. But i need to do it in this PC since it has more computation power. thanks.

pgl posted this 07 June 2018

fuad87 the source of such an error is difficult to diagnose without some log files so that the experts here have something more to go on.  The fact that it works on your other machine indicates that this could be a hardware configuration issue or application installation issue, but you knew that already - It doesn't appear to be a problem with you FSI simulation set up or project file, unless you have tweaked the solver settings on the other machine and are trying, fort example to access application instances, or more HPC cores than you have a license for? Sorry that I can't be more specific, and that no-one else has responded in 3 months!