An Exception has Occured in System Coupling

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fuad87 posted this 24 February 2018

[urgent help needed]


NOTICE                                |
 | An exception has occurred and has been transmitted to the coupling |
 | participants.  These participants have been disconnected from the  |
 | coupling service.          

   HDF5 Exception                         |
 | Origin            : Chart::WriteChartableData->CHDF5Dataset:pen  |
 | Error Code        : 7                                              |
 | Error Description :                                                |
 |   Unable to open Dataset[Solution 2ata Transfer 3:Change:RMS]   

 My simulation stopped after 3000 iteration with the above error msg. What to do?                                       

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Raef.Kobeissi posted this 28 February 2018

coupling between which systems?

Raef Kobeissi

pgl posted this 07 June 2018

Fuad87 can you share your "System Coupling Log File" that would be help the experts here better diagnose the problem?

I'll take a stab that you might be running into a disk/folder space issue, as the HFD5 data might be being written frequently and be uncompressed. After 3000 iterations this might be taking up room.