An Internal solution magnitude limit was exceeded

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boonthiam89 posted this 1 weeks ago


I need assistance in checking my modeling in ANSYS Static Structural. The message below popped out:

"An internal solution magnitude limit was exceeded. Please check your Environment for inappropriate load values or insufficient supports.  Please see the Troubleshooting section of the Help System for more information."

I have been checking all the set constraints and they look alright. 

Thanks in advance!



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peteroznewman posted this 1 weeks ago

Here are all the Google results from the search of this site for the phrase "internal solution magnitude limit was exceeded".

I think if you read some of them, you will get some new ideas about what you can do to improve your model.

Please insert some images into your post to describe your model. It looks like you have a lot of parts connected by frictionless contact. Static Structural is not going to converge unless all the parts have a path to ground that has some stiffness.  In Workbench, drag and drop a Modal analysis on the Model cell of this system. In Mechanical, drag and drop the Fixed Support down to the Modal. Solve the Modal and look at the mode shapes. The parts that float around are unconnected and cause the Static Structural solution to fail.