analytical check for pressure drop through capillary with slanted entrance

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bushrar posted this 20 December 2017


Usually after running a simulation with cylindrical capillaries I usually check to see that there is only a slight difference between ANSYS calculated pressure drop through the capillary vs.  the analytically calculated pressure drop(in the case of constant viscosity using Hagen Poiseulle: ( deltaP= 8*L*Q*visc/(pi*r^4))  .  I was wondering how to analytically check a geometry using a capillary with a slanted entrance as shown below:


raul.raghav posted this 21 December 2017

I doubt if you'll find an analytical relationship for the case you're looking at. And based on the image of the geometry and a rough visual estimation of the length (L) and radius (R) of the capillary, I'm sure Hagen-Poiseuille equation would not apply for your case (L needs to be >> R, so the flow is fully developed).