Anisotropic Inductor Help

  • Last Post 11 December 2019
camarajoe posted this 07 December 2019

I am trying to simulate an inductor out of a ferromagnetic anisotropic microwire core material. I set the material as cylindrical

with relative permeability in Z direction T(3,3). for X and Y I set the relative permeability to act as air. I am trying to make sure it is simulated properly. The magnetic field vector plot is attached.Material Setup

pblarsen posted this 11 December 2019

It is very hard to tell due to the density setting of your vector spacing and that we see all the vectors in the X-direction stacked on top of eachother.  Overall, it looks like the fields outside the material might be correct, but I don't have enough visual information to see if the fields are good inside.


I did a quick test with the material settings the way that you described, and it looks good.  It is definitely a different response than just an isotropic linear permeability like the generic "ferrite" material.  There is much more preference for the Z-direction.