ANSYS 19.0 Forte Tutorial Files

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GurkanErtugral posted this 16 November 2018


Briefly, we're using ANSYS Forte 19.0 in our project development. Various tutorial files suitable for 19.0 version for example Chapter 2 to Chapter 6. However, Chapter 7 give us geometric caused error to create mesh generation.

In these months I got some files in this forum. @raul.raghav thanks again for your tutorial files but they can't work in 19.0.

Could anyone have latest ANSYS Forte 19.0 Tutorial Files (After 18.2 version) ?  @raul.raghav @Kremella @abenhadj

Best regards.

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junshu posted this 18 December 2018

I also need the input files of ANSYS Forte 19.0. Can anyone send to me?

Best regards.

medya posted this 06 February 2019

hi everyone!

can anyone send me Forte tutorials and input files.

My gmail is

thanks to all community

Danilormoura07 posted this 26 March 2019

Hi everyone!

Can anyone send me Forte tutorials and input files too?


My gmail is   

Best regards 

Wangyao posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi guys

Can anyone send me a copy of the files as well? I am working on an engine simulation for my MSc project

My email:

Kind regards