ANSYS 19.0 Forte Tutorial Files

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GurkanErtugral posted this 16 November 2018


Briefly, we're using ANSYS Forte 19.0 in our project development. Various tutorial files suitable for 19.0 version for example Chapter 2 to Chapter 6. However, Chapter 7 give us geometric caused error to create mesh generation.

In these months I got some files in this forum. @raul.raghav thanks again for your tutorial files but they can't work in 19.0.

Could anyone have latest ANSYS Forte 19.0 Tutorial Files (After 18.2 version) ?  @raul.raghav @Kremella @abenhadj

Best regards.

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junshu posted this 18 December 2018

I also need the input files of ANSYS Forte 19.0. Can anyone send to me?

Best regards.

medya posted this 3 weeks ago

hi everyone!

can anyone send me Forte tutorials and input files.

My gmail is

thanks to all community