ANSYS 19.0 Visual studio + Intel parallel studio XE version required for UPFs?

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SamKleespies posted this 16 May 2018


I am trying to implement a UPF into ANSYS 19.0, however I need to be running the correct version of visual studio and parallel studio for the correct fortran compiler version. The platform support plan for ANSYS 19 ( says that in ANSYS 19.1 visual studio 2015 and Intel parallel studio XE 2017 will be needed, however I need to know which versions are needed for ANSYS 19.0. Can anyone help me with this? 

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raul.raghav posted this 01 June 2018

I'm not sure if you've already found a solution to your problem, but still posting this for others having trouble.

Attached is a screenshot of the compiler compatibility provided in the Ansys Installation Manual for different Ansys release.


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vganore posted this 04 June 2018

I am using VS community 2017. Please see here for additional details:

Vishal Ganore,

juan.rojas posted this 23 July 2018

Are you using VS Community 2017 with which version of Ansys? 19.1?

brocktree posted this 17 October 2018

Does Ansys Student version support UPFs?

Max Power posted this 17 October 2018

I would very much like to know the same thing. Sofar I couldn't get the customization files from the installation and without those it doesn't seem to be possible.

rwoolhou posted this 19 October 2018

If you mean UDF's then yes they work in the student version. You'll need to download a compiler unless you interpret the code. 

vidyadhar posted this 08 May 2019

Hello Vishal,

I am unable to launch fluent using x86_x64 cross tools command prompt.

The message says:

launcher1.exe has stopped working

 A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

It gives two options :  1) Debug 2)close program

If I chose Debug, it takes me to VisualStudio and asks for permission to debug launcher1.exe

My Ansys version is 19.2 Academic. My desktop has Windows 7 installed on it.

i have downloaded Visual Studio 2019 community version. Should I use VS 2017 instead?

Thanks in advance!


jcallery posted this 08 May 2019

Hi vidyadhar,

Yes please use 2017 instead.


Thank you,



Mn65 posted this 06 May 2020

Hi Raul

Do you think the Ansys Mechanical Student version support UPFs? or it is necessary to have the ANSYS enterprise? please see the  GUIDE TO USER-PROGRAMMABLE FEATURES |, 

Chapter 1: Understanding User Programmable Features (UPFs)

Thank you.