Hello All

I have an ANSYS HFSS optimization problem using the AIM workbench. The simulation meshes and can be solved for all design points in the DOE. However, when the DOE finishes, and after the response surfaces (RS) are solved, I receive the following error message.

"Update failed for the Response Surface component in Response Surface Optimization. External component has thrown an exception" 

To debug, I have tried: clearing the RS generated data; changing the response surface type (Genetic Aggregation, Neural Network); and restarting the program/computer (engineering 101). 

I cant seem to find any information on this error, which is cryptic at best. If someone could direct me to log file to understand what is happening or offer a remedy to move past this I would be grateful. The DOE is large and takes a few days to solve so I would LOVE to not have to start over. 

This project has been run previously without an exception error.

Thanks in advance!