ANSYS 19 Licensing Problem

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maniraj5 posted this 08 February 2018


How to licensing the student license in ANSYS 19

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pgl posted this 08 February 2018


The licensing key for our Student products is built into the download, so if you've followed the installation instructions correctly you shouldn't see such an error - This indicates that your license file hasn't been identified/and or you've inadvertently installed the ANSYS License Manager. If you have other any other versions of ANSYS product installed, or a very early version of the Student Product (Release 17.2 or earlier) then you will likely have the full ANSYS license manager installed.

To correct this problem you need to uninstall the license manager and the R19.0 ANSYS Student product, reboot your machine, then re-install the ANSYS Student R19.0 Product. See here for the solution, scroll down the thread to see Peter Newman's verified answer.

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  • maniraj5
maniraj5 posted this 09 February 2018


Thanks for your answer...


I uninstalled my old ANSYS software successfully. But, i can't uninstall or remove ANSYS license manager completely.. How can I uninstall or remove the ANSYS License manager from my pc.

maniraj5 posted this 10 February 2018

Even after i uninstalled my License manager file, the ANSYS 19 is not working... "Could not connect to License server" is repeated again Please help me

peteroznewman posted this 12 February 2018

Uninstall all ANSYS from the computer.

You have to extract the files from the zip file for ANSYS Student 19.0 into a folder on your C: drive.

In Windows Explorer, type %AppData% in the path field. You will be in the Roaming directory. Delete the Ansys folder, then go up a level and down to the Local directory and delete that Ansys folder too. Finally, if there is any Ansys folders under C:\Program Files, delete those.

After uninstalling all ANSYS, manually use regedit to delete:


Restart your computer. If you can turn off your anti-virus during the installation, that may help.

After that, you have to find setup.exe in that folder and right click and "Run as adminstrator".

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  • maniraj5
maniraj5 posted this 14 February 2018

I have done the installation as per this procedure. ANSYS R19 is worked for some minutes and again the problem rises... Again I follow the same procedure, but the same problem repeat. Please help me.

vganore posted this 15 February 2018

 If nothing is working then installing a fresh OS copy might be a better solution for such case.

Vishal Ganore,

Paca posted this 19 February 2018

To confirm, are you referring to the Windows10 OS or Ansys OS?


vganore posted this 19 February 2018

Windows7 OR 10

Vishal Ganore,