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hosseinfakhraie posted this 26 February 2020

Hi, i´m working on a project that is necessary to get the stress of a belt, but occurs this error:

"1.       Not enough constraints appear to be applied to prevent rigid body motion. This may lead to solution warnings or errors. Check results carefully


Solver pivot warnings or errors has been encountered during the solution. This is usually a result of an ill conditioned matrix possibly due to unreasonable material properties, an under constrained model, or contact related issues. Check results carefully."

What I can do to fix it?

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Aniket posted this 26 February 2020

Please check this thread. Do a Modal analysis first and see for rigid body modes. get rid of them by applying sufficient constraints. Please use search forum for similar query before posting new queries.


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hosseinfakhraie posted this 28 February 2020

Thank you