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bozheng posted this 1 weeks ago


I have two questions:

1. How to view the temperature distribution for each layer?

2. what kind of equations do you use on displacement and thermal analysis in additive print?



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rwoolhou posted this 1 weeks ago

Not sure about the first, but assume it's part of the post-processing functions. For the latter, it'll be covered in the documentation, if not check for references: we usually show what we've done unless it's confidential ANSYS IP. 

bozheng posted this 4 days ago

Hello rwoolhou,

Thank you for your reply. 

1. Can I view the molten pool moving in each layer in additive print or science? 


2. Can you share the documentation which may contain the equation? 

Thank you.


rwoolhou posted this 3 days ago

I don't know the tools so no idea about 1) - have a look at a smaller problem and explore the interface. 

Click on "help" and review the documentation: if it's not there check for links to references, otherwise we won't have anything we can share. 

yizhang1 posted this yesterday

Answer to: "1. How to view the temperature distribution for each layer?": 

To visualize the temperature, you should run a Thermal History analysis in Additive Science. 

Make sure you check the "Coaxial average sensor data" and specify the "Sensor radius" and the "Z Height Range" (this should be from 0 to the height of your part). 

The result is a VTK file and it can be visualized using Paraview, the temperature result consists of colored dots and the color shows the averaged temperature within the "Sensor radius" of a specific location. 


Answer to: "1. Can I view the molten pool moving in each layer in additive print or science? ":

You cannot view the molten pool. The closest thing to do is to run a Single Bead analysis in Additive Science, which will give you the averaged dimensions of the melt pool (length, width, height), but no visualizations. 

bozheng posted this 2 hours ago

Hi, yizhang, thank you for your information. they are really helpfull. Bo