ANSYS Direct Optimization

  • Last Post 22 May 2019
amt09 posted this 20 May 2019


I am using Direct Optimization on ANSYS Workbench 2019R1. I have an Icepak model with multiple parameters. I am running the optimization to minimize one parameter while keeping another derived parameter constant. 


I am having two scenarios which I do not understand. 


1. The optimization converges, but there are no candidate points. 


2. Candidate points are given but the optimization did not converge. 


I do not understand how it can give candidate points without converging, and how it converges and there are no candidate points. 


Can someone elaborate on this topic please? 



Guddi19 posted this 22 May 2019


i have quit the same issue.

I use the Optimization-Tool to  converge some Paramteters.

The Maximum Number of Candidates Value is 5,l but in the results no Candidate-points has been found and i dont know why.


Need help too!