ANSYS fluent Simulation

  • Last Post 24 April 2019
JAMESOK posted this 24 March 2019

Hello Everyone! I am new to the forum as well in using ansys. I am trying to model evaporative cooling of a local zeer pot refrigerator using 2D model. The geometry has spherical like with two layers of clay and sand+water in between. The issue is, how do I model evaporative cooling in ansys! How do I add the material sand +water as well as clay and give it the necessary porosity. As far as I know, fluent doesn't have those features. Also any advice on the best geometry for this model? Thank you all in advance.

rwoolhou posted this 24 April 2019

Please repost in the Physics section: you'll more than likely get an answer in there.  Please also sketch out what you're wanting to do: we can do most/all of that but it's not easy.