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Hbahrameh posted this 12 June 2018

Hello friends . I have a question I am trying to modeling a storage tank with fluid in side. But i dont know what kind of fluid should i select for sloshing . As i knew fluid 80 is correct one for sloshing but Ansys doesn’t support it anymore . Thanks

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HuiLiu posted this 20 August 2019


I'm a bit confused by your question. Fluid80 is for fully contained fluid, while sloshing will require a "free surface" along with gravity defined. The two conditions contradicts each other. Can you confirm which scenario you are trying to simulate? Is your tank filled with water completely, ie there is no free surface? Or is it partially filled tank, ie there is a free surface and sloshing effect will be captured? However, no matter what your answer is to the question, you should be able to simulate with current technology element fluid220/221.



vganore posted this 15 June 2018

I suggest you go ahead with water, get the model run and then investigate about fluid. Not sure what fluid80 stands for but you could go through some research papers to understand the fluids used. Try to get the basic properties of the fluid  (density, specific heat, conductivity etc.) from the paper that you can load under solver. 

Vishal Ganore,

Hbahrameh posted this 16 June 2018

dear vganore

thanks for your reply . the fluid is water. but the problem is i should use the fluid 80 which is covers slosh in modeling.  in ANSYS MECHANICAL- Preprocessor -  element type -library elements type - (ansys fluid section) there is no fluid80. which i saw in some of papers shows they used fluid 80. so as i search the fluid 80 in ansys (14-18 version )its shows that not support any more. so which  element shall i choose in ansys fluid section to cover the sloshing, for example (3D acoustic30 or 3D th-fi pipe116  or 3D hydro static 242 or.... ) ??   this is my problem i need the element in fluid to support the slosh in ansys mechanical .

thanks again

asder posted this 05 August 2019

use ansys12 or ansys13 they support fluid80

mrife posted this 15 August 2019


Please see the ANSYS Help -> Mechanical APDL -> Feature Archive -> Legacy Elements entry on Fluid80.  That element type is not supported now; that help entry gives the element types that have replaced it.  


asder posted this 17 August 2019

use ansys12 or ansys13 they support fluid80

asder posted this 24 August 2019

i can help you contact me at

asder posted this 26 August 2019

there is free surface and sloshing