Ansys Mechanical APDL on Citrix: Issues with Selecting Different Directories to Save Files

  • Last Post 27 September 2018
Mork posted this 26 September 2018

In Ansys Mechanical APDL, the File drop down menu is not performing correctly and from testing it looks like an issue between Ansys and Citrix.

The problem:

When Ansys is run as a virtual application, on Citrix, the selection of the directory to which you want to save the file is not working. The directory tree window doesn't change to the directory which was selected.


We ran Ansys Mechanical APDL on a local hard drive and did not experience the problem.

Ansys was run from Citrix by different, and each user experienced the problem.


The issue is caused by possible compatibility issues between Ansys and Citrix.


Has a similar issue been experienced by other Ansys users at universities which use Citrix for virtual application delivery?

Have you experienced this issue on Citrix or any other virtual application delivery system?

A solution to this issue is being requested.


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pgl posted this 26 September 2018

Hi Mork, 

We officially support the following Remote Display / Virtual Desktop combinations. This lists Citrix XenDesktop 7.14 as being supported with Windows clients. Does your system configuration fit with what we support? 

Due to the huge number of potential combinations of virtual desktop providers, clients OS and server OS, we are unable to test and validate all of them. However one of our systems experts may be able to chime in here and help if you can share a bit more detail about what version of Citrix you are using, plus the server and client machine configurations. 

"Nanu Nanu"

Mork posted this 26 September 2018

Hi pgl,

We are using Citrix XenApp 7.18, however, we experienced this same problem on XenApp 7.14 and earlier versions. I am fine with the expert using a different version of XenApp such as 7.14 for troubleshooting. Any help will be appreciated.


pgl posted this 27 September 2018

Thanks for clarifying Mork. I'll reach out and ask our experts to chime in here. 

tsiriaks posted this 27 September 2018

Hi Mork,

Could you verify if the client is setup like the 'Hardware decoding' section from this

please also validate the policy per the instructions described in there.


You can also refer to this as well


Thank you,