Ansys Mechanical filling up disk space during simulation

  • Last Post 21 February 2020
rm19g14 posted this 21 February 2020


I am new to Ansys mechanical so may be making a few errors. I have a problem where there is a heat input into a structure and i need to assess how the heat conducts through the structure in a transient simulation.

I have set up a transient thermal case in mechanical which is fairly simple with two locations that grow in temperature until the peak temperature. 

When i run the simulation the disk spaces grows rapidly and fills the disk within 20 time steps of 1 second. I would like to run for around 600 seconds of real time. Why is mechanical storing so much data? when i stop the simulation the storage on the disk reduces dramatically so it only appears to be a problem when the simulation is running.


any help would be useful!

peteroznewman posted this 21 February 2020

Under Analysis Settings, look at the Output Controls. There are options for how frequently to write output.