ANSYS Mechanical Orientation of 45 deg.

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big man on campus posted this 27 November 2017



So I am working on a project where we are using ANSYS 18.1.  The project asks for us to examine a coffee table that is constructed from a composite material.  The composite material is a MDF material that is in between two red oak layers, the red oak layers are orthotropic and can be applied in more than one layer.  The first part of the problem is to determine the minimum thickness of the red oak layers in order to satisfy deflection constants on the material.  The other part of the problem is to examine in the fibers of the red oak was oriented by 45 deg.  The first part of the problem was easy for me and I had no issues.  The part that I am having trouble with is orienting the fibers such they are at 45 deg.  I am using ANSYS Work bench.  If anyone has any tips or ideas on how I can approach the problem please let me know.  I attached the problem statement.


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jonnyflowers posted this 24 December 2017

Use ACP and post to create composites.  You can then orient all your layers and apply the relevant thicknesses 

peteroznewman posted this 27 December 2017

This ACP tutorial is on 18.1.