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Behnam posted this 06 March 2019


I am working on a parametric study using ANSYS Workbench, and so far I have been able to prepare a journal file that performs the commands native to the Workbench. However, now that I need to include the ANSYS Mechanical in this process, I find numerous difficulties to complete the required script.

I already know that I need to work with Jscript and that the functions are all stored in .XML files inside the folder 'aisol'. In fact, I have checked all the parts of a relevant application via the link: However, there are still several questions that I am really not sure about their answers:

1- Is there any way to record the commands which we manually apply inside the Mechanical GUI? Given that the above mentioned article goes back to older versions of ANSYS, I wonder if there is a better solution added in a certain update.

2- Are there documentations available for scripting with the ANSYS Mechanical? I have not been able to find something like the guidelines or help documents that are vastly available for scripting with other applications (such as Spaceclaim or APDL).

I would be truly grateful if someone could give me some information in this regard. 

Best regards

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 08 March 2019

Right inside mechanical is a quick start guide.

This is the best place to get started. The examples should help you find most of what you need.

Please use ANSYS Help for the most accurate and up to date information. If you are not sure how to access it, please see this post.

The guides in the customization suite should have all the info you need:

Also, I've seen some good blogs on ACTS by Jason:

Blog 1

Blog 2


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Behnam posted this 08 March 2019

Dear Sandeep

Thank you very much for your informative reply. I guess it will be a lot more convenient if I should focus on working with ACT and Python scripting rather than searching in Jscript libraries of the Mechanical.  

Kind regards