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FabioCauchi posted this 07 July 2018


I need to run Ansys mechanical through Workbench (need to use it in FSI later). For now i'm just trying a simple tube bending simulation as a test in ansys workbench using a static structural module to setup. 

On my desktop it runs fine with no errors. when i try it on the HPC it gives the following error:


sh: ps: command not found

sh: grep: command not found

Framework error caught :

Fatal error: Update failed for the Setup component in Static Structural.  Unable to update setup. Unable to write APDL input file.


Does anyone knows hoe can i fix this please?


Thanks in advance


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SandeepMedikonda posted this 08 July 2018

I think this question can get a faster reply if it's moved to the Installation category.

If the moderators feel the same way, can you please move it there?

SandeepMedikonda posted this 09 July 2018

Hi Fabio,

Something is wrong with your OS installation/environment since the error said 'ps' and 'grep' command not found. Can you get in touch with your IT to see if they can look into it?



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FabioCauchi posted this 10 July 2018


Yes I will ask IT about it and try to figure it out from there. I ll let you know.

Thank you.

FabioCauchi posted this 10 July 2018


Hi it was indeed n installation problem, there was a file missing. Thanks for putting me on the right track.