I want to do butt joint analysis of two plate joint. where i am adding filer material in both plate joint. i want to do analysis of the plate material and filer material combination at weld bead joint and want to find the temperature distribution and want to predict the real welding.

I want to ask to you guys that is it possible in ansys that we can add material above is melting point in liquid form and provide time to transform it to the solid phase and able to find temperature distribution on it.

because i want to do analysis of molten filler mateial in the butt joint area and allow it to cool and solidify and then after studying tempertaure distribution.

I am using ansys and i discover that we can add weld bead i area which we want but it is only in solid but it is not lead and help to do near to the real welding analysis

as you guys are top leader in ansys student community i want to ask you that is there any method in ansys workbench or ansys apdl to do solve above mentioned my problem?

if you guys know about then please provide me details, as ansys have very large scope it might have this kind of facility so if you guys help me we can discover it and  by doing some valuable work and by some assumption we can do it near to the real welding.

if you guys can't able to understand some points then drop message for that.