Ansys simulation for HPC stuck at 'Prepearing Solver Input Files'

  • Last Post 20 April 2020
msinghal623 posted this 25 February 2020

Hi all, 

I am using Ansys R19.3. for running HPC cluster simulations I have done the setup of my Mater node using ARC and for the client machine using RSM.

Now when I am trying to run a modal analysis simulation (with 200000 Elements and 874421 nodes) on this cluster the simulation is stuck on the phase 'Creating Solver Input Files'. I waited like half hour but still the simulation was stuck at this phase. 

Can you please help me with this issue. Is this normal to have high time for 'Creating Solver Input files' when running the cluster simulations there is something that I am missing. 


Thanks in advance 


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Mahantesh77 posted this 18 April 2020


I am also facing same issue, did you get solution for this issue ?

msinghal623 posted this 20 April 2020



Yes i figured it out myself. Basically it will be stuck at 'Creating Solver Input Files' if the number of cores that you specify in the 'Solver Settings' is more then the number of cores that was specified for a particular node in the ARC. The number of cores allowed in the 'Solver settings' should be less then the number of cores set up in ARC for the node that you are going to use for the solution.