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usama posted this 08 June 2019

Dear I want to know can we publish industry publications under student licensing of ansys? With Best Regards Usama

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rwoolhou posted this 10 June 2019

As in use ANSYS Student results in publications? 

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usama posted this 10 June 2019

Yes. My article is related with industry can i publish results which i get from ansys student version? Regards Usama

pgl posted this 10 June 2019

Hi Usama,

Thanks for clarifying. You may not use our Student product for any commercial (industry) related work. Since your article is related to industry this would seem at first pass to breach our terms of use. However I don't want to discourage the publication of an article without further detail, could you provide some more details of the simulation work performed, and how it is tied into industry? Do you have a draft of the article that we can review?        

For reference our ANSYS Student product terms of use areas follows:  

By selecting “AGREE & DOWNLOAD” below, you agree that: (1) The software license you are downloading is an Educational License and will be used solely by you for personal educational purposes; (2) The analysis work performed with the program(s) must be non-proprietary work; (3) The program(s) may not be used for competitive analysis (such as benchmarking) or for any commercial activity, including consulting; (4) The license does not include any Technical Enhancements or Technical Support beyond the self-guided support material provided on the Support Resources webpage; (5) U.S. export laws apply to this software and you are responsible for complying with those laws; (6) The Click Wrap Software License Agreement that will appear during installation of the software will govern this and any subsequent licenses downloaded through this student web page.

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usama posted this 11 June 2019

Dear Admin,

First of all, I am a Ph.D. student and I am doing experimental work with simulations.

1. it is the optimization of the fabrication process. some similar model( I used with a different pattern by keeping the student version in my mind(just removed the interface(which is only possible in-licensing version)). 

2. I also attached the .*case file of the previous paper and my model in the archive file. previously, they used commercial software for this purpose.

3. I have one more question Dear admin as the .*case file have the distance between two circles is about 5 micrometer. the dimensions used in the case file is smaller but I have very big dimensions 20 times larger than this .*case file. could it possible to mesh it(commercial software)by increasing the dimensions? 

4. I used the technique I make the system 40 times smaller and after getting results I multiply the results by the factor of 40. is this right approach to solve the problem?  


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usama posted this 12 June 2019

Dear Admin,

@pgl I need your suggestion?

With Best Regards


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rwoolhou posted this 12 June 2019

I'll leave Paul (pgl) to answer the usage questions: I just drive the software! 

If you mean the model aspect ratio is big (long thin region) or you're modelling a small section due to cell count limits then, yes, the Research or Commercial version will mean you can use a lot more mesh. The cell count limit is removed, and you're then only limited by hardware and parallel licences to run the calculation. 

Re the scaling, without going into a lot of detail (which is beyond what I can do here) I don't know. You'll be missing some flow phenomena, but I can't say if they'll matter. 


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usama posted this 12 June 2019

Dear rwoolhou, Please reply me of each question proplery i will be very grateful to you.

The word "small section" confued me. I asked if we have a big mechine. If i reduced the system 40 times due to cell count limit. And used scaling option with lesser dimensions "as you told me in pervious post" and after optimization of speed i multiple the results by a factor 40. For exmaple the optimal speed of the small system is 2 m/s can i say the speed of the big system is 80 m/s? (I asked ansys point of view) The problem is i used the publised case file and apply the same conditions as publised but i am getting wrong results. " they used ansys 16.0 and i am running this case file on ansys 19.2. Can this be a problem?." I attched the published case in the above file. I know you are not permit to open this file but i think if you have a look on it you can properly guide me. I can not make that that model due to limited version. So i removed the interface and make a small model also attched above. " after flow phenomena i understand your point" I can vary the gap between two concentric circles but i have feeling i do so i can not show the proper filling which i need to show in every cavities in this part as shown in above attched figure. What you say about this" if i increase the gap can these cavities will be fully filled with liquid" Regards Usama

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rwoolhou posted this 14 June 2019

I cannot download files so cannot open it to see what's there: it's not an option I have due to US Export Law. 

By small section I mean if you're modelling a little part of a larger domain: typically these are called sub models. 

You can scale results and domain size using various techniques (that's how wind tunnel models work) but you also need to understand & account for viscosity, Reynolds Number etc.  That's an engineering question, so best answered by one of your tutors who can review the whole project. 

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