ANSYS Student 2019 R2 License is over

  • Last Post 02 June 2020
mjundi posted this 01 June 2020


I am currently using the ANSYS student product 2019 R2, and all of a sudden when opening the post processing block I got a licensing error. I went on another forum that mentioned to go and check the ANSYS student products website, and I realized that the 2019 R2 had a built in license up until 5/31/2020, even though it has not been a year since I downloaded it. How would I fix this issue? as in how would I renew the 2019 R2 license? 

Thanks in advance. 

rwoolhou posted this 02 June 2020

There's a sticky re the updates: you need to download the latest version. The licence is valid for one year from the release date, not one year from the download.