ANSYS suddenly decided that I have no license for various tools

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BlokeJoke posted this 30 May 2020

Hi everyone,

So I've been using ANSYS for month now and yesterday (suddenly between tasks) Workbench decided to disappear and ever since I have no access to f.e. Mesh, Fluent and many others. I've been scraping though many forums but haven't encountered solution. I'm using Student license and till yesterday everything was working just fine. 

Done a lot of troubleshooting, including multiple reinstalls, cleaning every ANSYS related file off (as sugested in many threads posted in this forum) but none of these would help Really need it to work for incomming projects Any help would be most appreciated! Also, trully sorry for raising alarm not having looked for the answer long enough (in case such exists somewhere in here)!

Attaching some screenshots of the issue:




best regards,


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BlokeJoke posted this 01 June 2020

Okay, figured it out by myself. The solution was just to create new system account, which makes me wonder what caused the problem since previous one had a normal name, without any special characters etc. Would be good to know what went wrong anyways

best regards,



rwoolhou posted this 02 June 2020

The 2019R2 licence expired this week(ish) which version are you using? The licence manager can also fail due to Windows effects so rebooting is sometimes needed. 

BlokeJoke posted this 02 June 2020

I am using latest release of ANSYS 2020 R1.