ANSYS Turbulent Flow Centrifugal Pump- No Flow

  • Last Post 21 February 2019
lianapolikaitis posted this 06 February 2019

Hi all,


I am currently modeling a dynamic turbulent flow centrifugal pump using a k epsilon turbulence model.

inlet velocity= 1.3

outlet pressure = 20000

Fluid- Water-liquid

RPM Impeller zone- 12000

After completing a thorough calculation I am getting no flow in the inlet, outlet, or around the moving impeller..... Anybody know why this is happening?



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kkanade posted this 07 February 2019

can you please post zoomed in images of your boundary conditions and cell zone conditions. 

lianapolikaitis posted this 08 February 2019

Unfortunately I redid the mesh and now I can't seem to get the full geometry into the setup. Do you know why this may be?

Here is the error message. My inlet and outlet tube region are missing. 

kkanade posted this 08 February 2019

did you check it in meshing if they are really meshed?

can you post image from mesh?

lianapolikaitis posted this 13 February 2019

So now my mesh is failing as well. Do you have any suggestions? Below are a few pictures of the mesh I created with the settings used. I also used a patch conforming method as well. 






kkanade posted this 14 February 2019

i think mesh is succcessful but translation to fluent is giving error. 

right click on named selection in model tree and select repair overlapping named selection. then try to export .msh file from mesh to fluent. 


lianapolikaitis posted this 21 February 2019

I was actually able to mesh finally using a different computer. I also created a new post about reverse flow. If you have any suggestions please take a look at the post and let me know!