Any way to gain access to MATLAB to ANSYS AAS toolbox as a student?

  • Last Post 08 April 2019
OrionJam posted this 31 March 2019

Is there any way to access the MATLAB toolbox that allows running ANSYS AAS as a student? I'm just trying to automate the workflow of repetitive simulations in Fluent but the one of the only ways to do this (running Fluent as a server) is blocked through a portal. I've looked everywhere and it seems only Customers have access to this.

Thanks in advance for any solutions.

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rwoolhou posted this 01 April 2019

Not sure about the Fluent AAS part, but you could use a combination of design points & journals instead. What do you need to set/change in the models?

OrionJam posted this 08 April 2019

I'm trying to run a variable geometries iteratively through Workbench, and having a script do it automatically. However, some points during the model (for example the SpaceClaim scripts can't be called through workbench) I'm forced to do it by hand. I'm doing a similar thing through Fluent since I'm trying to call commands from a MATLAB script to automate the process. 

rwoolhou posted this 08 April 2019

Fluent side can be done with a Fluent journal, and you can add this into Fluent directly (possibly with the Solution steering commands).  For geometry you may be limited to parameter changes only.