APDL Vread cannot read file error

  • Last Post 31 July 2018
trbritt posted this 30 July 2018

I have a 3D model of a magnet design in a different software I need to switch over to ANSYS. I have an APDL macro which should convert the data and I have the data in a seperate text file, which is how it was exported by the other software. When I run it in APDL, it gives me '*VREAD cannot open file'. Any suggestions?

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peteroznewman posted this 30 July 2018

In the attached text tile, it references another file, QXF_2DV2_3DV7_RE_v4

Do you have that file in the same folder as the roxie2ansys.txt APDL code that you are running?

trbritt posted this 30 July 2018

I suspected somwthing like that, and they are all in the same folder.

jpasquerell posted this 31 July 2018

The ANSYS program opens most files with read and write permission required so make sure the file being read it is not marked as read only.  Is the data in fixed format as *VREAD cannot read in comma separated data?  See   http://www.ansys-blog.com/use-of-tread-and-vread-to-read-in-data-from-an-external-file/   for info on reading csv using *TREAD.  Try reading in just a single value until you are able to get it working then add additional values.