Application of Pipe289 element as a pressure vessel APDL

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Silviya_Petkova posted this 6 days ago

Dear All,

have you got any idea if I could utilize Pipe289 in a model of a pressure pipe with both closed ends. It is a PVC pipe with D=0,114m and L=10m. The pipe is fully filled with water, an initial static pressure is applied in some steps of the laboratory experiment. The pipe is mount on a shaking table and after applying axial dynamic load in form of an acceleration record, the dynamic pressure due to the dynamic excitation of the pipe's support is observed.

So, the crucial here is that the pipe's both ends are closed. 

Any idea would be highly appreciated!

Thank you

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jpasquerell posted this 6 days ago

Yes.  ends are capped by default. see keyopt 6 which defaults to setting of 0.

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