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Vanderbezi posted this 01 February 2019


i aim to Split a Surface of a Rod bearing Journal to apply a Force only the relevant part, its half.

the Problem is: i can`t find a Format that would conserve the changes on the geometry. Step, Text parasolid, spaceclaim file, Iges either dont conserve the change once in mechanical or couldnt load the geometry file.

What can i do to apply the Force correctly?



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peteroznewman posted this 01 February 2019


Is your geometry facets of the surface and not a solid model? It looks like it came from a 3D scan of some kind. You have to convert the facet body to a solid body before a geometry operation like split face or split body is going to work.

Is the geometry originally in an .STL file?  There is a checkbox in SpaceClaim to convert that to a solid body.

Regards, Peter

Vanderbezi posted this 02 February 2019

Hello Peter, thank you for your answer. The Original geometry File was a .x_t parasolid. I believe its a solid. is there a way to verify that? Regards, Vanderbezi

peteroznewman posted this 02 February 2019

Hello Vanderbezi,

You can use SpaceClaim to open the .x_t file directly. Look at the Outline, does it show a solid, a surface, or a facet body.
If you use DesignModeler, you create a new file, then use File, Import External Geometry File and pick the .x_t file.
Again, look at the outline to see what you have.

If it is a solid, there should be no issue with using a plane to slice the body into two pieces.  If it doesn't work for you, put the .x_t file inside a .zip archive and attach it to your reply so we can take a look at it.

Regards, Peter