Applying a contact pair after a geometry is deformed.

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Dillon posted this 15 January 2019


I'm a relative beginner to ansys workbench. I'm working on a project in which I need to compress and cylindrical part, add another model the will restrict the cylindrical parts expansion, and then "release" the cylindrical part and analyze the stresses/strains that are now in the model that is restricting the compressed cylindrical parts expansion.

Not sure if that makes sense. Basically, compress a cylinder, add another part around the deformed shape, and release.

I'm currently planning on deforming the cylindrical model, exporting the deformed shape as an stl, adding the restrictive part, and then applying a prestress to the deformed cylinder.

Does anyone have any experience in something like this?






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sathya posted this 16 January 2019


Can you share screenshot of the model?

peteroznewman posted this 17 January 2019

In SpaceClaim, you can construct a solid cylindrical shaft as one body and a second body that is a pipe with an inner diameter that interferes with the shaft by some amount, and has some given wall thickness.

In ANSYS you can add a frictional or frictionless contact between the shaft and the pipe inner diameter. The solver will compress the shaft and stretch the pipe until the force balances at the contacting surface.

Is this what you want to accomplish? 

Dillon posted this 18 January 2019

I'm working on a self-expanding nitinol stent, that has hyper elastic properties. So after any deformation it will immediately return to its initial shape. We first compress the stent to about 75% of it's full diameter, then add some small clamps that hold the stent at this compression.

I've compressed the stent model in Ansys to 75% using a radial deformation. What I am attempting to do now is add the small clamps that hold the stent and "release" the stent to see what kind of forces are in the clamp as the nitinol stent exerts its elastic force.

My question is if there is anyway that I can add additional geometry (the clamps) and contact pairs to the stent after I've applied a static structural displacement to the stent to get it to 75% and then remove the displacement to see the strain in the clamps.