Assigning Orthotropic Thermal Conductivity as a parameter

  • Last Post 20 March 2018
MtzEngr posted this 12 March 2018


I would like to assign orthotropic thermal conductivity as a parameter so I can perform a parameter study on this property to see its effect on temperature.

I set it as a parameter by ticking in check box next to the property in Engineering Data and I assign maximum temperature as a parameter in results module.  Next open parameters tab and run a few simulations but I receive this message:

(DP 2) The Setup component in Transient Thermal for Design Point 2 requires user input before it can be updated. For instructions on how to address the cell in its current state, click the blue triangle in the lower right corner of the cell in the Project Schematic.

I then go and check the blue triangle as mentioned in the error but blue triangle simply indicates that "All data is up to date and no attention is required"

Note that I am able to successfully run a parameter study when I select heat flux and convection as parameters but not when I select an engineering data.

Am I missing something?

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MtzEngr posted this 12 March 2018

I added document containing snapshots below.

MtzEngr posted this 12 March 2018

Please see attachment for more details.

peteroznewman posted this 12 March 2018

I don't see any attachment. You can attach a .zip file type.  You can also attach .jpg or .png image file types.

Please reply with which version of ANSYS you are using, 19.0, 18.2, etc.

MtzEngr posted this 20 March 2018

ok I see what is happening.  For some reason when I change the engineering data property manually and then go to setup, I note that the heat flux and convection loads that I applied are no longer associated with geometric faces.  I need to go and re-specify geometric faces where loads are applied.  I am not sure why that is.