automatic interior zone in boundaries is created

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Zari posted this 26 February 2019


I am wondering if there is a way to change an 'interior' zone to a 'fluid' zone?

I have a small 3D mesh, prepared in Fluent meshing (by mosaic technology) and I am running it in Fluent for a CFD model.

It seems that the zones are not defined correctly. Because a new zone-named as interior- (which was not included in the named selections in the geometry and the mesh) being created automatically. It appears as I start Fluent after the meshing. This interior zone includes most of the cells that I want to assign as Fluid! What I want to have is only one fluid domain, with no interior.

I want to assign this interior as active fluid so it can participate in reactions and so on.

Have I made a mistake when I was meshing?

Can I change it in Fluent?

Here is a report from the zones in my model:


Two things are strange: 1- all walls have the material as the species participating it the reaction zone, though they are assigned stationary walls with aluminum as material!

2- The zone 564, is assigned automatically as interior, and I want it to be the same as zone 554, with chemkin-import material.

Where would be my mistakes? and how can I modify it?


Appreciate your help in advance,




abenhadj posted this 26 February 2019

Do not worry about that default interior: it is just referring to the cells of the fluid zones. Ignore it. You will have it always in Fluent. Actually 564 is the referring to the grid forming zone 554.

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